Arthur, Olga and Pasha

Primary Ministry Focus:
Our primary ministry focus is to aid in serving the need of training leaders for the evangelical churches of southern Africa through International College of Bible and Missions (ICBM), located in Johannesburg.

ICBM’s vision is to see hundreds of men and women trained for vocational Christian ministry, up to the Master’s Degree level, so that they will be effective in making disciples of all the nations through a firm grasp of Systematic and Practical Theology, Missions, Christian Education, Biblical Counselling and Youth Ministry, both within South Africa and outside its borders.

The school also serves as a resource to the churches of Gauteng (one of South Africa’s nine provinces) with workshops and seminars, and trains lay leaders in the churches of the surrounding area to be highly effective ministers in their churches and highly effective members of their communities.

Arthur serves as principal and faculty member at ICBM.

Olga also serves as faculty and she develops and revises curriculum.

Major Challenges:
1. Funding for need-based scholarships for students.

2. Expansion of facilities to accommodate more students and our administrative offices.

3. More full-time faculty who would also be competent to serve in key administrative roles.

Prayer Focus:
Our prayer focus is that the Lord will use the students at ICBM to transform their communities for God’s glory as they are transformed themselves through the Spirit of God.

Our Story:

Olga and I met at Dallas Theological Seminary in 2006 where we completed our Master of Theology degrees, Olga in 2008 and me in 2010. Olga is Russian from Moscow and I am South African from Cape Town. We were married on 27 October 2007 and the Lord blessed us with a son on Friday 13February 2009. His name is Pavel Arturovich Alard (Russian for Paul, son of Arthur Alard), and everybody affectionately knows him as Pasha.

Our personal ministry mission is to passionately pursue Jesus Christ, to love the church just as Jesus does, to assist the local church in fulfilling the great commission given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28, to go and make disciples of all nations. We are privileged to serve together in the work of the Lord with Entrust training church leaders in South Africa.

In 2008, we were praying about what ministry opportunities God would have for us as we were getting ready for me to graduate in 2010. God answered our prayers and directed us to Entrust. Olga had served for many years with Entrust as a translator with the Russian women’s project in Moscow. Being familiar with Entrust’s vision and mission, Olga introduced me to Entrust and we both agreed that God was leading us to partner with this organization.


In 2010 we packed our belongings and headed for South Africa not knowing exactly what God had in store for us. We served initially with Entrust’s ministry partner in Africa, More than a Mile Deep (MMD), then with Alathea Bible College in Siyabuswa, South Africa. In 2016, we joined the faculty of ICBM in Johannesburg.



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