Elesinah ChaukePerhaps the training course most talked about the short history of in More than a Mile Deep (MMD) is one written by Dr. Elesinah Chauke to help the church in Africa become all that God calls it to be in a weary and hurt-filled world. Her preparation for the course Pastoral Guidance and Counseling in HIV and Aids was an emotional roller coaster as she researched the devastation and havoc caused by this epidemic. Now, thanks to this course churches across Africa have tools to bring hope to families devastated by this disease. 

Elesinah was born and raised in Zimbabwe in a family of seven children. Her mother struggled to raise and educate seven children on her own, as the father had deserted them and gone to live in a neighboring country. This experience planted in Elesinah a sensitivity toward children who need care, and needy children have always been a big part of her life. She has raised many nieces and nephews over the years.

Elesinah is a direct product of missionary work. She received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior at age14. At the age of 18, she experienced a definite and clear calling to full-time ministry and has been involved in church ministry since. Elesinah says when she gave her life to the Lord, she sang these words to Him: "'Take my moments and my days, take my hands and my feet, take my voice and my lips.' Even before I had anything, I sang to the Lord, take my silver, my gold and my intellect, and He did just that. I also said to Him take my will and my heart, and that He did as well. Then and now I continue to sing, 'Lord take myself, and I will be ever only all for You.'"

In 1976 Elesinah went to North America to continue her studies at Spring Arbor University in Michigan, then went on to Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky. She returnedto Zimbabwe in 1982. She has taught Systematic Theology and New Testament courses and served as Director of Student Affairs at the Evangelical Seminary of South Africa in PietermatitizburgIn August 2004 Elesinah joined MMD-South Africa as course producer and coordinator of Women's Ministry. In 2010, in response to the tremendous desire of several churches, she began facilitating MMD courses in Zimbabwe.  

Elesinah says her coming to the MMD ministry was a direct leading of the Lord. Although she loved students and lecturing, she began to sense a need to change her ministry assignment.  She kept this feeling between herself and the Lord as she wanted to be careful not to step out of the Lord's will, all the while feeling that the area of her ministry needed to expand. Two years later, she left the seminary and joined MMD. MMD provides the opportunity for her to minister to more people than she would at the seminary, and through her writing she is reaching people whom she might not even get to meet in this life.

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