Combs family
Dustin, Miriam, Theo and Joachim

Primary Ministry Focus:
Equipping leaders in ministry and youth ministry.  


Prayer Focus:

  • For the Lord to provide a faithful support team
  • For a smooth transition into Slovak culture and language learning
  • For our family to be a light for Jesus and to be used to equip and build up the saints

Our Story:

Over the years, Miriam and I have gone to the Czech Republic or Slovakia seven times on short-term teams or summer internships. Many of those times we were blessed to lead our church’s teams, partnering with local churches and putting on relational, evangelistic English camps. By God’s grace, we have seen many students come to faith in Jesus Christ and become leaders in the local ministry.


Between these years, Miriam and I attended and graduated from Phoenix Seminary. Miriam completed a graduate diploma while I finished an M. Div. B.C. These years of training proved to be a huge blessing and preparation for what we have been asking God to do these many years: send us.

Slovakia is a country of over 5 million people and, while religious statistics are difficult to nail down, less than 1 percent appear to be evangelical believers. The vast majority are atheist or culturally Catholic. There is a great need for theologically trained individuals to help with evangelism, discipleship and leadership training. Our greatest passion to assist in those very area. We desire “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ” (Eph. 4:12) in Slovakia.

Our desire is to move to Slovakia and stay there for life, although we will return every few years for a sabbatical. We have been approved to be sent by Grace Community Church, through Entrust. Entrust’s vision is “to multiply church leadership through accessible, locally owned, reproducible training systems,” which is exactly what we desire to do.



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