Deborah & Tim Covert
Tim & Deborah

Primary Ministry Focus:

Tim: human resources administrator. He supports existing staff in areas such as healthcare and insurance; he also oversees the hiring process, helps develop policies and procedures, and provides assistance in other areas of the office as needed.

Deborah: executive assistant to the president. She manages the president’s calendar, facilitates President’s Office communication and planning with the Entrust board, staff and donors, and provides direct support to the president. She also serves as an editor and writer for the communications team.

Major Challenges:

  • Parenting four children in a blended family. Only one is still at home (in high school), but the challenges of parenting remain.
  • Raising financial support for our work with Entrust.
  • Recruiting new staff members, particularly from younger generations, to carry on the work of Entrust.

Prayer Focus:

  • For God’s provision to reach full financial support. This includes travel costs to attend the bi-annual staff conference overseas, hosting Entrust staff that visit Colorado Springs, and professional development.
  • For wisdom and insight as we balance the many duties in our respective roles, prioritize needs and complete numerous important tasks demanding our attention.
  • For the ability to balance our work and ministry with Entrust with our marriage and responsibility to our family.
  • For us to listen to God’s leading as we carry out our roles at work and home; for wisdom in how to meet needs of the Entrust staff and our personal prayer and financial supporters.
  • For wisdom and direction on other areas of ministry to which God may be calling us in our personal lives.

Our Story:

I grew up in a loving, supportive, Christian household as a United Methodist preacher’s kid. I came to Christ in high school during an altar call on a church youth outing, but did not understand my relationship with him. I tried to find that answer investigating other denominations. In the end, I remained United Methodist, but did little to cultivate my relationship with Jesus Christ. I thought if I stayed active in the choir, attended church and prayed at mealtimes, I was doing well. This only led me to focus on my own desires and not God’s, which led to depression and anger with God.

After my divorce in 2006, I left the church I was attending and searched for a new home church ... again, I became involved too early in ministry, but didn’t work on my relationship with the Lord. Each attempt at finding a church came up flat, and resulted in spending my Sundays helping friends as my “church.” However, my anger with God began to subside. One day in the fall of 2012, I prayed to God, telling him I was tired of trying to figure it out for myself. I started attending church. Not long after that, he brought Deborah into my life. He knew I needed a strong Christian woman to help lead me back to him. I have regular conversations with God now, and thank him for the gifts with which he continues to bless me.

After Deborah and I were married, we attended the All-Staff Conference in 2013, and I was able to get to know many of the staff for Entrust. Never part of a mission organization before, I could see how the Lord was impacting people all over the world. This opened the door for me to want to serve with Entrust, and that prayer was answered in the summer of 2015.

Ballroom dancing, rock and mineral collecting, movies, hiking, biking, cooking, concerts, acting, singing, theater, pets, museums, sightseeing, watching live sports, photography, painting, home repair and maintenance. I’m very eclectic, so I’m always up for trying new things.






Our home church:
Living Hope Church, Colorado Springs, CO


Deborah, March 11; Tim, November 30


I grew up in an abusive household including emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addiction. I moved out at 18 and though I knew about Jesus, I had no idea what it meant to personally acknowledge him as Lord and Savior of my life. I wandered far from God. In 1996, my first husband and I started attending church, where I dedicated my life to the Lord for the first time. Through knowing him, God set me free from my past and set me on a path toward healing and recovery. In 2007, I went through a divorce and deepened my relationship with the Lord as I learned to depend on him for all my family’s needs. I spent six years as a single working mother and earned an Associate of Arts degree with an emphasis in English. In 2012, through ballroom dance lessons, I met and fell in love with Tim Covert. We were married in June 2013.

I enjoy my work with Entrust and am enthusiastic about the contextualized, non-Western biblical discipleship and training Entrust provides training to pastors and leaders in areas where such guidance is desperately needed. I joined Entrust in August 2011.

Spending time with my family, ballroom dancing, music and singing, staying fit, enjoying the Colorado outdoors, hiking, cooking, reading and going to the movies. I enjoy writing; I love the power of words. I’ve also stretched myself creatively by trying oil painting for the first time.



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