Al and Mary Ginter
Primary Ministry Focus:
Equipping church leaders in Asia who then will be able to train a new generation of leaders, to meet the ever-growing needs of the local church due to explosive growth in the region.

Major Challenges:
New local churches are rapidly springing up in Asia, leading to a growing lack of qualified leaders. As a result, these new churches fail to reach full maturity and are unable to multiply themselves in a healthy manner. Our challenge is to assist the local church in this part of the world to train up new, mature leaders who can help Christ’s church fulfill its responsibility of discipling the nations.

Prayer Focus:

  • For God’s direction and energy as we seek to be used by him in Asia.
  • For God’s wisdom as we seek to continue to be used in the lives of our two children (Jessica 2/18/85; David 1/3/88).
  • For continued good health.

Our Story:
“Romania?! Where’s that?”

Being geographically challenged like most Americans, Mary and I were unprepared for the phone call back in 1977, a few months before seminary graduation, asking us to consider joining a team being formed to live behind the Iron Curtain in Communist Romania. But after several weeks of praying and seeking the Lord, we said yes, and thus began our Great European Adventure.

Fast forward 36 years to February, 2013. After living in Romania for a total of 19 years, and in Austria for another 15, we decided our ministry to church leaders in Eastern Europe was drawing to a close. Having taken several trips with Entrust to India between 2009 and 2012, we felt God now leading us further east (Al had also traveled to Vietnam and other area countries).

After much prayer, we have decided to relocate to Chiang Mai, Thailand, as our new base of operations. We hope to continue our training of church leaders in India, as well as in a few other countries in the region. We look forward to God bringing additional Entrust staff to join us as we seek to help the Asian church thrive.

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