David and Nancy GoodmanEveryone thought because David was born and raised in Africa, he should become a missionary like his father. Everyone except David, that is.

After a bewildering first year of seminary studies, he spent two years as an assistant pastor in a growing Grace Brethren church in Ashland, Ohio, where two happy circumstances altered the course of his life. He found a model of the sort of pastor he wanted to be while working under Knute Larson (who later became Senior Pastor of The Chapel, Akron) and he fell in love with a student in his college ministry named Nancy Dimock. Nancy’s life had been shaped by Young Life and a major part of their dating life was spent leading the church youth ministry. Ministering together suited them quite well and off they went to Trinity Evangelical Seminary in Deerfield, Ill., as husband and wife. Nancy worked as a Special Education teacher to put David through school before she also became a full-time Trinity student during their last year prior to David’s graduation in 1975.

“God has given us,” David says, “a unique opportunity to experience many aspects of church ministry, from youth leader to solo pastor, from involvement in Christian education in a growing church to senior pastor of Winnetka, Ill., Bible Church. We know what small church ministry is like (such as when Nancy filled all the staff positions I didn’t manage to cover). And we know what it’s like to serve as Senior Pastor leading seven program staff at a large church like Winnetka Bible Church.”

It was while David was Senior Pastor at Winnetka Bible church that Nancy began what would become 20 years of leading Christian Heritage Academy in Northfield, giving her a rich experience set in shepherding teachers and students and the honor of  five  Best Christian Workplace awards from Christianity Today.

“It was a surprise to see God lead us away from the church and the school into an organization focused on international Great Commission work,” David says. “I kept thinking of how few resources most pastors have in developing countries.”  Surrounded by his books, computerized library resources and able to call upon seminary professors whenever he needed more specialized help, he was drawn to the idea of the difference it would make for the kingdom to equip pastors in other nations with tools and training that could make them so much more effective.

That began a new journey of leaving local church ministry to work in resourcing and training overseas pastors  as workers with Campus Crusade, Overseas Council, T-Net International, TOPIC and finally, as  president of Entrust. “God used all those experiences to bring Nancy and me to this strategic ministry of Entrust where once again we can work in tandem.  What is more exciting than being able to bring just the right skills and tools to diligent workmen whom God has already placed in ministry?”

Nancy and David have three adult children and five grandchildren and live in Monument, Colo. 

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