Layth and Ilham Ibrahim

Entrust’s Layth and Ilham minister to refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), including Yezidis, through their church, Praise Chapel in Duhok, Kurdistan. They deliver food and fuel to people living in unfinished houses and refugee camps in the region.

Layth launched several bakeries, called “Bread of Life” in Arabic, where tons of flour are made into bread which is distributed free, daily, to those in need. The bakeries provide Layth access to U.N.-operated camps in the area.

Recognizing a need for an outlet for energetic young men, Layth organized volleyball teams. Former sports coaches happen to be among the displaced residents of the camps. God provided funding for uniforms and supplies. An organized league now enjoys regular, friendly competition.

Layth leads men through Entrust courses on the basics of the Christian faith, while Ilham does the same with women.



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