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Facilitating is not just another word for teaching, but represents a very different way of helping adults learn through interactive discussion.  Entrust Facilitator Training’s (FT) interactive teaching method builds on the best practices in adult learning. Since adults often need to find meaningful ways to apply life’s experiences, our well-facilitated small groups offer an ideal setting for this endeavor.

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What is a facilitator?

Who should receive Facilitator Training?

What if I want training specifically for women?

How will Entrust Facilitator Training help you?

What are the benefits for the local church?

What is a typical training format?

What resources are provided?

Where is Entrust Facilitator Training conducted?

How much does it cost to attend training led by Entrust staff?

How do I register?  

Who do I contact if I have more questions?



What is a facilitator?
A facilitator is one who guides adult learners in a process of interactive discovery. The facilitator differs from a formal trainer or teacher, who transmits a body of knowledge or set of skills to a group by using a lecture-driven model.  Through focused group discussion, adults think, listen and reflect as they exercise their God-given gifts and experiences to effectively learn from each other and from the material studied. 


Who should receive Facilitator Training?
This training is especially designed to equip trainers-of-trainers with effective best practices for adult interactive learning, including:

  • directors of training
  • small-group pastors
  • missionary trainers

Others involved in training or equipping adults will also benefit from Entrust Facilitator Training. It is an excellent way for anyone involved with adult small groups to develop or upgrade their facilitating skills. This includes:

  • adult Bible fellowship group leaders
  • adult Sunday school teachers
  • men’s and women’s small group leaders
  • parachurch leaders and workers
  • teachers and seminar leaders
  • missionaries
  • pastors


What if I want training specifically for women?
Entrust also offers a Women-to-Women Training program. To find out more, click here.


How will Entrust Facilitator Training help you?
Our training can help you:

  • appreciate the importance of group learning for adults
  • use any content in an interactive learning experience
  • gain experience using an interactive, dialogic approach
  • integrate both mini-lecture and discussion in facilitating seminars
  • practice organizing and leading a seminar
  • draft a personal strategy for using the training in your ministry
  • join others in their life journey through effective facilitating of small groups
  • lead an Entrust Facilitator Training group in your home church or ministry*

*  Those who successfully complete an Entrust staff-led Facilitator Training are qualified to lead local training groups.  The only cost is for materials from Entrust.


What are the benefits for the local church?
Entrust Facilitator Training benefits the local church because the training is:

Transferable: Participants draft a personal strategy for implementing what they have learned.  Once they have successfully completed Entrust Facilitator Training, they can be involved with leading local Entrust Facilitator Training events.

Sustainable: As local church and ministry leaders gain experience putting into practice what they have learned, they become a resource for future training within the church or organization.

Transformational: Participants are challenged to think and live biblically, which leads to transformed churches that impact their communities.


What is a typical training format?
Training groups are limited to a maximum of 12 participants. Typically, the extended seminar is presented in a six-and-a-half day interactive format.  The training format reinforces learning and skill development as participants observe and experience facilitating, because the seminar itself models what is being learned. Each participant has the opportunity to lead three peer-evaluated sessions as they apply and perfect their facilitating skills. It offers a practical hands-on opportunity to learn some of the best practices in adult education.  It also considers how the belief in a Trinitarian God informs why we advocate interactive learning. 


What resources are provided?
Each participant receives a copy of the Entrust Facilitator's Manual and a copy of Walking with Christ (an Entrust discipling course) as part of the training. Committing oneself to reading the materials and completing the assignments prior to the training event are essential for a successful training experience.  (Expect to spend 24 to 30 hours in pre-course preparation.)

Sessions Covered

  • Introduction to Entrust
  • Adult Education: Adult Concerns Versus Teacher Habits
  • How Did Jesus Teach?
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Equipping Adults: Purpose and Possibilities
  • Facilitating Small Groups
  • Planning the Seminar
  • Designing a Multiplication Strategy
  • Meaning Perspectives and Transformation


Where is Entrust Facilitator Training conducted?
Generally, Entrust Facilitator Training is conducted by Entrust staff facilitators in one of the following settings:

Colorado Springs, Colo. – Training venues in the Colorado Springs area provide convenient living and training accommodations. Logistics are coordinated through Entrust.

Dallas, Tex. – Training venues in the Dallas area provide convenient living and training accommodations. Logistics are coordinated through Entrust.

Locally organized regional training – Churches or ministries can arrange for an in-house or regional training event with other partnering ministries. Logistics are coordinated locally. Other training formats are also possible.  Contact Entrust with any questions or to make arrangements. 


How much does it cost to attend training led by Entrust staff?
The seminar provides 48 hours of interactive learning.  Prices are on the registration form.  The full training fee provides six days of training by Entrust staff facilitators, all materials, lodging, refreshments and most meals. We will send you the training materials after the registration payment has been received so you can begin to prepare for the training.  (Expect to spend 24-30 hours in pre-course preparation!)


How do I register?

For general questions about training please contact Entrust at training@entrust4.org or 719.622.1980

Check out the training calendar to view upcoming modules.


Who do I contact if I have more questions?
For co-ed and men's only Facilitator Training:



For women's only Women-to-Women Ministry Training: