Multiplying Leaders for Multiplying Churches


In the heart of the Middle East, refugees have the opportunity to grow deep in their faith in Christ and to become strongly equipped to serve in local churches wherever in the world God leads them.

Entrust operates a Bible Institute specifically for refugees who’ve fled their home country and are awaiting permission to move to the west. An Entrust staff couple, through their local refugee community church, screens serious candidates desiring to study at the Bible Institute.

Over the course of an academic year, students learn Old and New Testament survey, inductive Bible study, basic theology, spiritual disciplines, evangelism and discipleship and more. They apply their learning immediately in ministry to their own people as well as cross-culturally to people of their temporary host country.

Visiting teachers and professors from the U.S., Canada and western Europe, some from well-known seminaries and Bible schools, share teaching duties with the Entrust staff couple.

Graduates of the Bible Institute have proven themselves well-prepared for ministry in local churches after leaving the Middle East and becoming established in new home countries in the west. God is clearly working through this school to multiply leaders for multiplying churches.