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Through STEP we will match you with veteran Entrust staff for commitments of up to 1- to 2-years. STEP enables you to explore God’s call on your life and to gain hands-on ministry experience while carrying out meaningful service alongside experienced Entrust staff. You benefit from learning Entrust methodologies for equipping new generations of leaders and the time to very practically seek God’s direction for your life. We benefit from your input, ideas and energy.


Entrust began as an undercover operation, sneaking Bible training to people who were persecuted for their faith in communist countries. Several groups came together, set up headquarters on the edge of the Communist Bloc countries in Vienna, Austria, developed contacts with courageous believers living in those countries and began over 30 years of clandestine ministry training.


We’re still doing that, helping local Christians grow deep in their faith and learn to help others grow deep; some in places of outright persecution, some in contexts of poverty or post-modernism, some maybe right in your neighborhood.

Entrust works with Christians in cultures around the world to discover what it looks like to follow Jesus within their culture, and then to determine what kinds of training will best lead to that kind of growth. We equip local Christians to train, help and impact the people around them. We’re doing this in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.




Ready to test the waters? Start with these easy steps. We’ll match your areas of interest and experience with the Entrust staff and region best suited to you. We’ll support and communicate with you every step of the way. We’ll pray with you for God’s leading in your life.

Step 1. If you are interested in serving with Entrust, contact us! (hr@entrust4.org) Someone from our human resources department or mobilization team will follow up with you. Once we know a little more about your background and interests, we will supply information to you about Entrust and respond to any questions you may have.

Step 2. If you are still interested in Entrust, we will have you complete our interest form to help us learn a bit more about your background and interests, including: location, area of ministry and your availability.

Step 3. We’ll get to know you better with an interview to explore how your gifts and desires line up with Entrust’s mission, vision and practices and possibly, with specific veteran Entrust staff members who can mentor you.

Step 4. We will provide additional tools to help you learn more about Entrust and cross-cultural ministry in general, with the goal of sharpening your focus and desire to serve.

Step 5. If at this point you wish to apply to serve with Entrust, we will ask you to complete an application. We will work with you to develop a plan on where and how you will serve.

Step 6. We will partner you with an Entrust staff member to discuss ideas, explore multiple possibilities and start building a task description. You are welcome to visit our office and meet our staff as we pray with you about your next steps. If we agree you are a fit for Entrust and we have a place for you to serve, we will proceed to next steps.

Additional (optional) step. If appropriate, raise funds for and embark on a vision/exploratory trip to ensure that the ministry and Entrust staff member are the right fit for you!

Step 7. Once we have determined ministry fit, location and task description, you will finalize the application process, including references, a background check, medical/emergency contact information and various assessments. Once your application is approved, you will become an appointee until you raise 100% of your financial support.

Step 8. Now it’s time to start developing your prayer and financial support team. Entrust staff will meet with you online or in person to train you on this process. We will help you establish a budget and will provide training on how to find a coach and a mentor and how they (and we) can help you through each step of the way.

Step 9. We will send you homework to help further prepare your head, hands and heart for service.

Step 10. You will visit the home office in Colorado Springs for a week of pre-field orientation, meet your admin support team and complete some final new hire paperwork, including insurance.

Step 11. Once you reach your 100% of your budget support, you will purchase your plane tickets and schedule a commissioning service with your home church.

Step 12. Finally, you arrive on the field for your term of fruitful service. Throughout your service, our home office staff is available as a base of prayer and administrative support.

Step 13. Upon successful completion of your STEP commitment, as God leads and with Entrust feedback along the way, you may choose to stay in your field of ministry or change to a new field as long-term Entrust staff, or return home.



Complete our STEP interest form.
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