Multiplying kingdom workers

by Jim Bellair, mission coach - STEP

What motivates us to participate in this ministry? STEP provides a unique relational environment whereby Entrust staff have the privilege of impacting the life and ministry of STEPers, as their calling and ministry conviction matures and they explore becoming cross-cultural multipliers.

When Sandy and I served in Eastern Europe, a few interns worked with us from time to time. Though initially it seemed like much work, we began to see them mature as Christians and workers, which brought us great joy. Two of those three interns are career cross-cultural workers to this day.

Sandy and Jim Bellair
Sandy and Jim Bellair

The STEP initiative endeavors to mimic the ministry model of Christ. He was with his disciples. He taught them. He tested them. He loved them. He gave himself to them. This is what experienced Entrust staff are ready to do, alongside STEPers. That is what motivates us to participate in STEP.

Who might be a good candidate for STEP? First and foremost, the individual or couple must love God and be certain of his forgiveness, through Christ. Beyond that, a STEPer should have a sense of a call, as well as some degree of maturity in Christ.

What about those who have a desire but are not quite ready, whether it be from a lack of knowledge or life experience as a Christian? In my opinion, this is where the local church can be an invaluable resource, helping to prepare these future STEPers. Sandy and I were mentors with one ministry in the early 90s, participating in an initiative similar to STEP. There, various local churches, with their deep well of spiritual gifts, co-labored with our ministry to equip our interns even before they went overseas.

STEP has an indispensable role in the ministry of Entrust, as we seek to prepare career workers, qualified to teach others!