October 2017

Pray for God to transform hearts, churches and communities through our ministries this month


Oct. 2-6: Pray for each person attending new staff orientation this week as they prepare to begin their service with Entrust


Oct. 4-7: Pray for learners and facilitators (team led by Italian colleague Cristina M.) during WWMT training in Naples, Italy


Oct. 11-13: Ask God to guide each conversation between our mobilization team and students during Moody Bible Institute’s mission conference in Chicago

 globe Oct. 13-15, 20-22: Intercede on behalf of Latvian learners and facilitators (team led by Mo Blackmon), during WWMT training in Riga, Latvia
 globe Oct. 24-28: Provide strong prayer coverage for our first-ever WWMT training in the Middle East (team led by Corrie McCann)
 world Oct. 27-28: Lift up Entrust’s board of directors as they meet, seek God, plan and pray in Colorado Springs
 world Oct. 31-Nov. 9: Pray for international women in ministry as they learn and refine skills at the training hub in Thailand organized by our partners at Equipping Women International, incorporating WWMT materials and staff




Click on the file below to download and print out the monthly Prayer Bridge. Keep it in your Bible or a prominent place to keep you in daily prayer for Entrust this month. Thank you!.   

2017 11 - Prayer Bridge
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2017 10 - Prayer Bridge
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2017 09 - Prayer Bridge
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2017 08 - Prayer Bridge
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2017 07 - Prayer Bridge
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2017 06 - Prayer Bridge
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2017 05 - Prayer Bridge
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2017 04 - Prayer Bridge
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2017 03 - Prayer Bridge
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2017 02 - Prayer Bridge
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2017 01 - Prayer Bridge
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